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Nice to Meet You!

Nice to meet you and welcome to my website. I hope you take the time to explore, learn about the book A Pixie's Transformation, play some fun games, and learn some delicious new recipes. One of the main characters in the story loves to bake as well!

It has always been a dream of mine to write the story of Artemis and share it with others. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for visiting!

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My Inspiration

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My Story

  I grew up in a rural area near Stillwater, Minnesota. My life’s journey and perspective were largely shaped by both my father’s fatal plane crash and my diagnosis with MS. Believing that life is too short, I moved from teaching elementary school for 25 years to pursuing my dream of earning a culinary degree specializing in pastry work. Another life’s dream was to write the story of Artemis and hopefully provide a brief escape from reality. With the completion of my book, A Pixie's Transformation, I have both a follow up story to Artemis and becoming a proficient abstract painter on my list of accomplishments that I hope to complete while I continue to hold faith and family as high priorities in my life. I've returned to rural living in the Wisconsin country side which I most enjoy with my husband and three thoroughly entertaining French bulldogs.

My Pups

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My Inspiration Story

If I look back to my elementary school day memories, I regularly found myself drawn to stories that involved tiny people, usually just a few inches high, living in a big person’s world.  I found it fascinating to see how they struggled getting around and how they solved issues that we larger people do not typically have. The creative ways these little people used to solve problems such as getting around, hiding from much larger pets, or simply getting food were always topics that stirred my imagination.
Another constant attention grabber for me was the subject of magic. I think I’ve watched every episode of "I Dream of Jeannie". I love how she was able to transport herself anywhere, instantly conjure up whatever item she needed at a particular moment, and get herself out of any dreaded circumstance she was in.

Finally, there is pine forest just a short walk away from my home, and it sits between two large open fields. I gaze at that setting daily and wonder which animals found homes in that forest in the evening or which used the woods for protection from the elements. My daily outdoor walks not only provide exercise, but offer fresh air, a peacefulness in the quiet sounds of nature, and ever changing seasonal scenery. Everything that nature has to offer fascinates me as well. 


If I were to combine these bits of inspiration and let my mind wander some more, I’d end up with the beginning pieces of Artemis and the fairies.

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